Life Insurance Broker in Ontario

Marianne LalondeMy name is Marianne Lalonde. I started The Assured Life Brokerage in 1999 to serve clients in Toronto and the GTA from our original location in Scarborough. Over the years our client base expanded to include Barrie and Midland in Central Ontario, as well as Burlington and Brantford. As more and more people began to shop online our client base naturally grew to include cities in Eastern Ontario like Cornwall, Kingston and Ottawa .

In 2013, I formed Option1 Financial to encompass a wider range of financial products including referrals for mortgages. The name The Assured Life Brokerage will eventually be phased out but we are not going to rush this since many of my clients and contacts know me by that name.

I am an independent Level II Life Insurance Broker in Ontario. I provide life insurance, critical illness insurance and retirement products across all of Ontario as well as Group Benefits for any business with 2 or more employees.



Option1 Financial – The Assured Life Brokerage offers a number of financial products in Ontario including:

Life Insurance

You can purchase a life insurance policy to provide a benefit that gets paid to your designated Beneficiaries when you pass away. The insurer agrees to pay a lump-sum of money at your death, and you agree to pay a fee called a premium.


Critical Illness Insurance

While it is true that we live longer lives these days, we are experiencing  a large increase in life-changing illnesses like Alzheimer’s and cancer. There’s a cure for the financial problems that accompany these and other critical illnesses; it’s called Critical Illness insurance, and it will provide you with a lump sum of cash at a time when you could really use it.


Group Benefit Plans

One of the main reasons why the creme of the crop in employees choose to work for large corporations is the availability of group benefits and pension plans that are provided by all larger companies. This can put the smaller business owner at a big disadvantage, were it not for the availability of Group Benefit Plans for small business.

If you would like to discuss your options with any of these products, please call me at (800) 722-7172 or use our contact form here.